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SpaBooker is transforming the way spa services are managed by spas and discovered by customers. SpaBooker, spa management software, replaces everything from manual methods to disconnected software and unifies the essential components of spa management into a single web-based platform, accessible from any internet connected device.

SpaBooker enables spas to sell their services online, through website and a network of partner sites and apps, creating a seamless online booking experience for customers. More than 250,000 spa appointments are booked each month across 40,000 spa professionals in 75 countries on the SpaBooker system.


We started as a division of SpaFinder in 2007 with the SpaBooker product. Our focus was to deliver one platform for spas to manage their business, and SpaBooker was an instant success. We expanded the team, feature set, and customer base, and decided to spin out SpaBooker into a separate company, Booker, to provide more to our clients across industries. Today, we continue to be dedicated to providing one innovative software for spas to operate their business and are proud to be powering thousands of spas across the globe to drive more appointments, increase profitability, and make our customers' lives easier.

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