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Get Booked By People Searching for a Spa Just Like Yours.

When someone wants to find a spa, they head right to popular online review sites such as CitySearch, SpaFinder, Yelp and many others. SpaBooker provides a turnkey way to not only get listed, but to include other information such as available appointments, all in real time. Customers can book right on the spot without the need to visit another website or pick up a phone.  

Promote Your Spa When Business is Slow.

When business slows down, the SpaBooker network can be put to work immediately at no extra cost. Use the network to promote new products, services, or promotions that will bring people into your spa. It only takes a few minutes to post a promotion, making it easy to test different offers and ideas. Since open appointments can be listed on each site, time-sensitive promotions can be used to fill last minute-cancellations with special one-time offers.

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