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Customers expect that everything they do in the real world can also be done online. Booking is no exception. It's not enough to just list your services, hours, phone number, and directions. Customers want to do it all. They want to book from their smartphone, buy products they experienced in your spa, purchase a gift certificate, or even check for open appointments at three in the morning. 

SpaBooker includes everything needed to create a successful web presence. The solution is point-and-click simple and includes features that support anything a spa would want to do online, such as running a web store or offering online appointment booking. Everything can be tailored to match the look of your spa and the desires of your customers. Spas are designed to be attractive to customers. Now your online presence will too.


Connect Online Bookings to the Rest of Your Business.

SpaBooker offers a seamless experience between the spa and what happens online. Each customer interaction is recorded in one place, providing a single point of reference for every business activity.  Bookings in the spa are recorded in the same customer record as a bookings received online. Managers have one unified view of the business and customers at all times.

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