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Spa Email Marketing

Email Marketing That Works From Start to Send.

Email is one of the most cost-effective promotional tools a spa can use. It's a perfect way to remind customers about appointments, to ask for a social media review, or to invite them back to experience a new product or service. SpaBooker provides customizable templates written specifically for spas that are proven to work. All you need to do is add information specific to your spa, and SpaBooker will do the rest.

Communicate and They Will Come.

There are many points in a customer relationship where effective communications can improve the their experience and grow revenue for your spa. Since SpaBooker is an all-in-one solution, customer purchase information can be used to promote offers of interest to that customer. Why sell massages to a customer that only buys facials? Any customer interaction or purchase can be used to automatically trigger a promotional email.

Improve Your Spa Marketing Strategy With Every Email Sent.

One advantage of anything digital is the ability to track results. Reports built into the solution provide information on the effectiveness of every email and promotion. You will know who opened each email and if that email resulted in a sale. Automated emails such as appointment reminders only need to be set up once. Just set it and forget it.

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