Software Features

Increase Loyalty.

Tools for Recognizing and Rewarding

Loyalty Points

Recognize and Reward Your Best Customers.

Loyalty programs are an excellent tool for rewarding the best customers with an incentive or higher level of service. The SpaBooker platform makes it easy to identify the characteristics of VIP customers. Depending on your preference, the system can reward loyalty points for different services or create messages that alert employees when one of your best customers checks in. Whether you're launching a new program or improving one you already have, SpaBooker can suggest ways to use loyalty-based rewards to grow revenue, build customer relationships, and improve customer retention.

A Flexible Solution That Adapts to Your Business.

SpaBooker's loyalty programs can be customized to meet the needs of your spa. The system can reward many types of customer actions and transactions. This includes using points to encourage actions like pre-bookings, client referrals, gift certificates, or product purchases. Integrated analytics provide real-time information on the impact of loyalty programs. Data can be used to quantify the return on investment of each loyalty initiative.

Track Every Customer Interaction.

Whether it’s your client’s first or one-hundredth visit, SpaBooker can update loyalty point activity with each transaction. Information collected enables you to celebrate, reward, surprise, and delight your clients at every stage of the relationship. With a SpaBooker loyalty program, we're sure you'll reduce customer attrition and increase frequency and duration of customer visits.

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