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Unify Appointment Booking.

One Solution for Coordinating Customer
Appointments and Employee Schedules

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Offer The Services Customers Want, When They Want Them.

Spa scheduling is complicated. Success depends on matching customer preferences to employees that can deliver on their requests. SpaBooker's appointment management uses technology to satisfy the booking needs of managers, customers, and employees. The solution automatically synchronizes customer and employee information in real time. Customers and staff access one web-based appointment book, reducing the chance for open appointments, multiple back-and-forth phone calls, and confusion. Managers can coordinate employee schedules to ensure that staffing aligns with customer demand.

Take the Stress Out of Managing Appointments.

The all-in-one system means every aspect of spa operations works together, making it easy to confirm reservations and check in customers. Payment can be requested online during booking, reducing customer no-shows from appointments booked outside of the spa.

Now Customers Can Schedule Themselves.

SpaBooker's appointment management solution enables self-service customers to book their own appointments from any mobile device and Facebook. Online scheduling improves customer satisfaction by meeting the needs of digitally oriented spa goers that expect this level of service from a quality spa. Self-service booking accelerates the sales cycle and provides an opportunity to fill last-minute cancellations with new customers who see openings in real time.

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