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Mobile & Tablet Booking

Reach Customers From Anywhere on Any Device.

Mobile & Tablet Booking

Is Your Website Ready For the Mobile and Tablet Generation?

On-the-go clients are no longer sitting at a computer waiting for a web page to load. That’s why it’s crucial you make sure your site is available in the mobile world. What does it say about your spa if it doesn't offer mobile and tablet technology?

The SpaBooker solution comes with all of the technology you need to provide an exceptional customer experience on all devices. Clients will get the information they want in a beautiful and intuitive interface that adapts to the size of their screens. This includes any technology used to book appointments and shop online. SpaBooker’s all-in-one approach ensures that each customer interaction is captured and synced with all spa operations in real-time.

Maximize Productivity, Increase Profitability.

SpaBooker's rich mobile experience is designed to be intuitive for customers and employees. Employees can access a personal calendar so that they know where and when they are scheduled. The spa appointment software is updated with each change in technology, eliminating any stress from disconnected and outdated systems.

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