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Best Practices Getting Prepared for Valentine’s Day Sales!

You’ve just put the spa back together from the winter holidays, and the next big sales event, Valentine’s Day, is coming up fast.

Valentine’s Day is typically the smallest of the three big annual gift card events; December holidays lead the pack, followed by Mother’s Day, with the romance holiday next, but Valentine’s has some special things going for it. It is one of the occasions that lend itself to the booking of treatments during the holiday as well as the selling of gift cards, and it also appeals to both genders.

The holiday business may be boosted this year by the fact that the occasion itself is on a Friday, lending itself to an entire weekend. From the service booking standpoint, it’s easy enough to add a Valentine’s Day flair to your menu. In each of your service departments, select a treatment for which you have moderate demand and detailed protocols, and then tweak it by adding verbiage or swapping out steps, or both! Ingredients such as strawberries, chocolate, champagne or roses, in some iteration, can be substituted for a component in the protocol. Words evoking love, romance, passion, companionship, or celebration can be worked into treatment descriptions, as appropriate.

Don’t forget to focus on treatments for couples, especially if you have at least one couples room. Create a Valentine’s Day menu insert with these newly created services and prices and slip it into your regular menu. Of course, I’m sure I don’t need to mention to make sure that both technical and customer service staff have been advised of these changes/additions to the regular menu. Additionally, if you have special Valentine’s services, you will likely want to put a time limit on when they will be available; these are meant to be enjoyed during Valentine’s for a week or two. You don’t want to have someone show up in September asking to book one of these services, when you will likely have moved on and may not even have the products necessary in stock.

Gift card sales do not generally kick into gear until the week of Valentine’s Day itself, starting the weekend before. Make sure you’ve got some Valentine-themed gift card packaging or presentation materials on hand, along with a supply of Valentine cards for those who are in need, saving them a trip to the Hallmark store. Place a selection of pre-wrapped retail packages near the checkout, including bath & body, candles & fragrance items. On the weekend of Valentine’s Day itself, it wouldn’t hurt to have a selection of red roses available by the single stem, perhaps offering them to anyone who spends over a certain amount on a gift card.

More ideas? This article on Valentine social marketing may provide some guidance.
Happy selling!

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