Day spas

Manage Your Day Spa as Well
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Day spas

One Solution to Manage, Run and Grow a Day Spa.

SpaBooker is a web-based platform unifies all aspects of your business, all in one place. When everything comes together, it’s easier to get organized, stay knowledgeable, and look professional in everything you do. Even simple features like check-in improves your ability to provide what customers want, when they want it. Other aspects of your day spa, such as accepting bookings online, on social media, and in-store using on one calendar reduces mistakes and no shows. We keep the technology up to date and one step ahead of everyone else so that you don't have to.

Every event in the appointment book is color-coded for easy reference.

Synchronize Spa Operations With the Customer Experience.

A successful day spa is built one satisfied customer at a time. This is harder to do than it sounds when you consider all of the steps you take to satisfy one customer. Instead of using one-off services that address one aspect of your business, SpaBooker unifies your business with one multi-feature solution at a lower cost than all of those other services combined.

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