Medical spas

Take The Work Out of Helping Clients Look So Good.

A Complete Solution for Managing the Demands of Running a World-Class Medical Spa.

Medical spas

Software That Exceeds Customer Expectations.

Guests at a medical spa come with many needs and expectations. They pay more, and in turn, expect more. Successful medical spas know how to deliver the highest levels of beauty and personal care with every client visit.

Delivering services that meet these expectations requires careful coordination of customer preferences, inventory, service delivery, and staff scheduling. SpaBooker uses technology to manage all of these challenges and then synchronizes them in one easy to use platform. This approach enables spa professionals to anticipate even the smallest customer preference before the guest arrives. Other features like mobile payments during a service reduce distractions from the core experience.

Spa appointments are color-coded to note customer status, memberships, and other preferences

We Focus On the Technology So You Don’t Have to.

While you’re trying to anticipate the needs of your best customers, we do the same for you. The SpaBooker team supports the platform 24/7 and is constantly experimenting with new ways to improve the user experience. As good as it is today, you should expect to save more time and accomplish more tomorrow. Give us a call, and we’ll show you how the many features we offer can simplify your life, save time, and improve the delivery of services, one satisfied customer at a time.

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