Software Designed to Manage One or More Spa Locations.

Duplicate Your Success From One Location to the Next.


SpaBooker is the Backbone of the Multi-Location Spa.

Adding locations means reaching new customers, hiring more employees, and replicating a level of service your customers have come to expect. Growth involves taking on logistical complexity— a challenge that’s beyond the capability of most software platforms. To grow, you need enterprise-class systems in place to help you standardize the quality of services, communications, and results across locations.

The SpaBooker solution is designed to grow with your business. Locations can be viewed individually or together. Information stored in the system makes it possible to offer customers the same experience at every location. Owners can manage from anywhere and use the platform to monitor the performance of one or all locations. Each feature, such as employee scheduling and inventory control, is designed to minimize administrative time while improving the customer experience.

Each employee can be scheduled at one or more locations and aligned with customer requests.

Powerful Yet Simple to Use for Customers and Employees.

You don’t need any technical skills to use SpaBooker. For customers, it provides a seamless experience across locations. They can book an appointment for any spa location online, in-person, on Facebook, or on their phones. No matter where they decide to book, you'll know their history and preferences. Employees can also be scheduled across locations, making it easy for them to track when and where they need to be.

Make Smarter Business Decisions Across All Locations.

The advantage of one management platform is the ability to consolidate information across locations. Reports make it easy to quickly identify problems and take advantage of opportunities. With better data and reporting come insights that will grow customer appreciation and revenue.

Transform the Client Experience, and Revenue Will Follow.

Customers expect the same unforgettable experience at every spa location. To deliver a uniform experience, every employee will need to feel connected, motivated, and part of the team, regardless of where they do their work. SpaBooker can help by bringing a uniform set of standards to each location.

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