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A Solution Tailor-Made for Managing and Growing a Destination Spa.

Wellness spas

Software Designed to Deliver the Perfect Spa Experience.

The best destination and wellness spas are constantly introducing new ways to delight their customers. As more spa services are introduced or more locations open, the challenge of delivering the comfort, elegance, relaxation, and therapy clients expect increases. SpaBooker spa software is designed to meet this challenge by offering a complete solution for managing and growing the modern spa.

We start by bringing all spa activities onto one platform. This includes employee scheduling, customer relationship management, booking technology, inventory management, sales, and more. The platform coordinates this information so that employees can anticipate customer needs and schedule time to ensure that services are delivered flawlessly. For managers, over 100 reports make it easy to pinpoint the best customers and provide insights into how to create more.

Each customer record is color-coded for easy identification of requested services and preferences.

Don’t Let Technology Hold You Back.

The SpaBooker team is here to support your vision. While you’re developing new services and ways to care for your customers, we’re doing the same for you. We’re constantly innovating and incorporating customer requests into the platform. When you join SpaBooker, you’ll be joining a community of spa owners committed to using technology to improve customer service and grow their spas, one delighted customer at a time.

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